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Florida Health Insurance

There is no reason to be intimidated when searching for health insurance in Florida. Although many different types of policies are offered in the state of Florida, some simple research can answer most of your questions. Learn everything you need to know about Florida health insurance from our resource library. Enter your zip code above to start shopping Florida health insurance plans from top insurance providers. Compare plans of your choice side by side to find the policy that best fits your needs and budget.

Indemnity Plans

In the State of Florida health, insurance is offered in several ways. On one end of the spectrum we have indemnity plans which pay a set percentage of any medical service you receive from the doctor of your choice. For example, your indemnity plan may pay eighty percent of select medical services while you are responsible for the remaining twenty percent of the cost.

Managed Care Plans

As we move toward the other end of the spectrum, there are managed care plans. In a managed care plan the patient pays a premium to the insurance company and is offered an array of treatments. Some managed care plans insist that you see a doctor that is part of a specific network used by that insurance group. Some of the different types of managed care include Health Maintanence Organization (HMO), Point of Service Plan (POS) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).

Health Savings Plans

Lastly, we come to Health Savings Plans. These are high deductible plans that work well for people who want to protect themselves from catastrophic health care costs in the event of an accident. Health Savings Plans are great if you don't anticipate many day-to-day health care costs.

When shopping Florida health insurance plans it important to take into account not only your personal health but the health of your family. Try to anticipate what your family's future heath care needs may be. It is important to understand that if you or a family member have a pre-existing condition your health care provider may limit or exclude that person from coverage. A pre-existing condition is a health condition or illness that existed prior to the first day of health care coverage. It may seem daunting to search for health insurance for Florida residents with prior existing conditions, but there are many rules and regulations that work in favor of those with pre-existing conditions.

Now that you have a working knowledge of FL health insurance it should be more clear what type of policy you need to explore further. Florida health insurance can be the key to your personal and financial well being. Educate yourself on all of the options to insure yourself and your family's health.